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Bad Beats in Poker Online

Bad Beats in Poker Online

One of the things that you should be accustomed to playing in cyberspace poker is dealing with bad beats. Some big players never get used to them, and it creates nicknames and whining that you don’t see in chat boxes every time you play poker online.

I’m not saying that you should like it when it says you should win, but if you are going to play poker online, you should be able to finish it and maybe also redefine what is really a bad knock.

As an example, earlier today I played 90 Sit-n-Go players on Full Tilt. I was in the top 10% of the chip stack about halfway through the tournament with $ 11,500 in chips. In the middle position, I handed out T pockets.

The blinds are $ 320- $ 160, so I put in a 3x increase of $ 960 after the act folded to me. I was brought back all-in by a player on a button that only had about $ 1,700 in chips, so there wasn’t much more for me to call a raise. To my surprise, Little Blind resurfaced again, all-in with about $ 6,500 more in chips.

This is a bit strange to me, because there are two salary increases in front of him. In my mind, he should have a monster to make this game. Either that, or he tried to push me. However, I’ve watched both of these players for some hands, and they both seem rather loose players, playing less than premium cards like A-4, J-6 suit, K-2 worth, and so on. Normally I could be folded in this situation, but I have a large enough chip stack and read enough for these two people to carry out the call.

Button player flips pocket 5 and Blind Small flips pocket 7!

I’m gold here, right?

Well, I do have profits, but if you wish to know the truth, while I subvert both players, I will only win about 66% of the time. Yes, that is good, but far from certain. 1/3 full time I will lose in this state.

You might be able to pay attention to this coming, failure ie 5-9-J. Turn card a 4 and River card, you can guess it, 7!

I was not just beaten by a short stacked player on Flop with his set of 5 but Little Blind sucked 7 in the River to knock out my chip stack. Is this a bad beat?

Yes it’s possible for a large number of players, but again, there is a 34% chance I will lose my hand to do it. It just so happened that one of those cards didn’t work my way. I have profit, but it’s not successful. It’s no fun, but there’s no reason to lose patience. I lost the one hand I liked to win, but this will NOT qualify as a bad beat in my book. There are too many methods possible for me to cluck.

Hands like this and the other are similar to that, which is the hand that you will meet a little in cyberspace. You will find players coming in all the time when they might be inappropriate and while you make the correct readings and ideal calls, you will sometimes still be beaten.