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Poker Games That Are Popular In The World

Poker Games That Are Popular In The World

We know poker as a type of game that is played using playing cards. Even though it is not a native Indonesian game, nowadays the game of poker has been widely played throughout the world including in Indonesia to fill spare time and get entertainment with friends and family.

Out there maybe you already know Texas Hold’em Poker which is well known everywhere and is busy being played by people. Indeed, Texas poker is more commercially popular than other types of poker.

Even so, it does not mean that other types of poker are not fun to play but only less promoted to the public or other words are rarely known to people so that not many people know that there are many types of poker that we can play using playing cards.

It can be said that this other type of poker game is outdated when compared to Texas Hold’em Poker which has many communities and world tournaments which are held regularly every year. No wonder the popularity of other types of poker is covered by Texas Hold’em Poker.

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Here Are Few Popular Poker Game Worldwide:

1. Omaha Poker

The first is that Omaha poker is widely available on Android online poker applications currently bundled with Texas Hold’em poker. Generally, we can find it in the IDN Poker application on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The way to play Omaha poker is not much different from Texas Hold’em poker, it’s just that the cards that are distributed to more players are 4 playing cards to the loyal players involved. Meanwhile, community cards that are open at the table start from 3 cards to the last 5 cards. We can also do betting options such as check, call, raise, fold, all in.

2. Stud Poker

In the world of poker games, after Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Stud poker is ranked as the third most popular player in the world. The way to play is also not much different from Texas poker but with a few changes to the game system, namely Stud poker players will compete against bookies / dealers who are not other players at the same table to add excitement when playing.

Stud poker is divided into 2 types, namely Stud 5 and Stud 7. How to play each player including the dealer will get 5 cards in a closed position unless the dealer who will open 1 card can then decide to continue playing or give up. In addition, we can also get progressive jackpots when playing Stud type poker, but unfortunately this feature is only available in online poker and poker tournaments.

3. Capsa Susun (Chinese Poker)

Capsa Susun or known as capsa alone is also a type of poker game that has a large number of enthusiasts, especially in Indonesia, you can easily find this game played in stalls. Capsa susun is also known as Chinese Poker because this variation of poker was first played in China and brought to Indonesia via trade routes.

Capsa can be played by only 4 people with a player against player system so there are no bookies in the capsa susun poker game. After entering the bet, each player will be dealt 13 cards each which must then be arranged according to the unique capsa game rules and very different from all the poker rules that I have mentioned in this article.

The way to arrange capsa cards is to distribute them into 3 levels. The first level (top) contains 3 cards, the second level (middle) contains 5 cards and the lower level contains 5 cards as well. Then you just need to arrange your highest poker card combination from bottom to top.

As much as possible don’t get the wrong arrangement because if so you can immediately be disqualified from the game and automatically lose or in short, pou.

4. Texas Hold’em Poker

The next type of poker is none other than Texas Hold’em Poker which you may already know well so there is no need to explain at length again. Texas Hold’em can be played by 9 people at once in one go with a player against player system so the dealer only functions to distribute cards and get tips from players.

In Texas poker each player will be dealt only 2 playing cards then try to find the best poker card combination by matching them to a total of 5 community cards at the table which will be opened gradually by the dealer. Texas Poker also offers a jackpot feature if the player manages to arrange certain poker combination cards that have been agreed upon by every player involved and the online poker system.

This is an article on the types of poker that are popularly played around the world. Hopefully it can be useful and add to the insight of every reader. Thank you for visiting.

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