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Avoid The Robot In The Online Poker Online

It is important that players understand that not all players who sit at the poker table are all pure players. If there are players who win continuously and rarely feel a great defeat, then you have to stop playing. It must be suspected that the game could be infiltrated by robots. Generally, Bad bookmakers are infiltration robots to look for game winnings so that the original players feel defeated. As a wise poker player, you should know this. Therefore, Sbobetpress as will provide a series of tips to avoid robots in online poker games.

  1. Using odd names
    Usually robots often use strange pseudonyms. Rarely respond to chat players that there is no expression in poker games despite having won a winning streak. What is worse is that they can win dozens of rounds continuously. They can read all the player cards and the cards that will be published in the betting table, in order to predict the cards of all the players. Of course the most unprofitable ones are the original players.
  2. Avoid players who win up to tens of times.
    Keep in mind that the robot’s win can continue to win even if the player card is quite high. In general, the value of other thin cards still dare to make betting robots and even increase the value of bets continuously. If you as a player comply with the above issues, you must realize that it is a robot used by the distributor. Try telling the chat or sending an emoji and see if the player answers your chat or not. If you are just silent, the robot should be alert and immediately move other clothes.
    Effective tips to avoid poker games that are effective using robots
  3. Do not try to cheat the robot
    Poker players often use this technique, intimidating opponents with players. But this technique will not be effective or even useless if you come across an opponent robot. Because the robot can know the letter you have. If you have a card with a value below the robot, the robot will follow the value of the bet. It can even significantly increase the number of bets. So if you often lose trying to bluff, you must be aware of the robot.
  4. Always good combinations of letters
    As a player when we find a good combination of cards, of course we increase the number of bets. If there are players who also often increase the number of bets that always have a better combination value of cards, they should suspect. Because robots often get better combinations of cards than players, although players have found very good results at the table. In fact, it is not uncommon to lose a player with a panic job to All In once he finds a good card. This is, of course, an opportunity for all robots to win the game easily by following the amount of their bet.
  5. Large quantities of chips.
    Robots always have many chips. If you see an online poker table that there is a difference in the chip with a significant number of one and the same difference, you should suspect that it is a robot. Because the robots will win every game, so it’s no wonder that the chip is the least among the players.

All that is reviewed above is a small guide on our part about Avoiding robots in online poker games that cause the original player to lose without knowing it. Because very few online poker gaming sites struggle to be more cunning than their members. So be careful and do not be afraid to play online poker.